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to capitol hill. his first appearance since his sex scandal broke wide-open. and now, the president also weighing in for the first time. surprise attack. israel kills a top commander of hamas. the strike caught on tape. and now, deadly retaliation overnight. we're live in jerusalem. drink danger. the wildly popular pick-me-up, 5-hour energy, now linked to the deaths of 13 people. what you need to know. and it is tough to take it this hour. why hitting that snooze button turns out to be a really bad idea. good morning, everyone. we have new details this morning on the sex scandal that brought down former cia director david petraeus. we've learned the name of that mystery agent from the fbi who first exposed the petraeus
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affair. he is fbi veteran agent frederick humphries. notorious for sending shirtless photos of himself to another key player in the scandal. >> he says it was just a lighthearted joke. we'll see. that woman would be jill kelly, seen on the right, which claims she was threatened by petraeus' lover. she has been stripped of her special access to macdill air force base in tampa. and petraeus' mistress, paula broadwell, is under investigation for storing military documents, on her computer. and for the first time president obama has weighed in on this mess. abc's preeti arla has the latest. >> reporter: president obama walked into the east room of the white house for his first postelection news conference, tackling the major issues his administration will face in the weeks ahead. >> i'm open to compromise. and i'm open to new ideas. >> reporter: the president meets with congressional leaders tomorrow. both sides are expected to stake out their positions on the
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looming fiscal cliff, which would see automatic tax increases and budget cuts go into effect if there's no budget deal by year end. while both sides talk about compromise, president obama says any deal must not extend tax cuts for the wealthy. >> when it comes to the top 2%, what i'm not going to do is to extend further a tax cut for folks who don't need it, which would cost close to $1 trillion. >> reporter: but house speaker john boehner made it clear, wealthiest americans should not see their taxes go up. >> i have outlined a framework how both parties can work together to avert the fiscal cliff without raising tax rates. >> reporter: for the first time, the president weighed in on the scandal that led to general petraeus' resignation as cia director. >> i have no evidence at this point, from what i've seen, that classified information was
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disclosed that, in any way, would have had a negative impact on our national security. >> reporter: the president also blasted top republicans for their criticism of u.n. ambassador susan rice over the administration's initial reason for the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. he said they should, instead, take aim at him. rob and paula, back to you. >> definitely a heated moment for the president there. preeti arla, live in washington. thanks, preeti. and david petraeus will be on capitol hill tomorrow to testify about the september 11th attacks on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. petraeus was still head of the cia when u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed. and he did visit libya afterwards. his testimony, though, will be limited to the events in benghazi only. and one more note from washington this morning. the president travels to new york later today to view firsthand the aftermath of hurricane sandy. thousands of customers are still without power more than two weeks later. >> our hearts go out to them. and the president is also keeping a watchful eye on the
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growing tension and violence in the middle east. israeli forces killed the top hamas military leader yesterday in this attack. and they are bounding gaza again today. >> abc's alex marquardt is live in jerusalem with the breaking developments. alex? >> reporter: good morning, rob and paula. that's right. the israeli air strikes in the retaliatory palestinian rocket attacks have continued overnight into this morning. israel says it has carried out over 100 attacks on targets in the gaza strip. not just on individuals, like ahmed jabari, who was killed yesterday. but on rocket sites, including on the long-rage fajar rockets that are iranian-made. they have a range of about 50 miles and could hit tel aviv. in response, hamas and palestinian militant groups have targeted southern israel with rockets. we're getting word now that four israelis have been killed in the southern area around the gaza strip. at least 12 palestinians have been killed, according to our producer down in gaza.
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they include two young children, a woman and an old man. but israel says most of those killed have been militants. now, the most famous, of course, is ahmed jabari. he was the head of hamas' military wing for the last eight years. israel accuses him of carrying out many, many attacks against israel. his funeral is today. and hamas says with this assassination, israel has opened the gates of hell. israel also says it's ready to enlarge this operation. it has called up its reservists and is ready for a ground offensive. >> alex, quick question here. what does the latest strike mean for the relative stability of that region? >> reporter: well, of course, this further destabilizes an already unstable region, what with the syrian war going on just to the north of us. everyone is looking towards egypt to broker some sort of deal between the militant groups
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and israel as they have done in the past. egypt, for its part, has withdrawn its ambassador from israel. so far, no progress has been made on that front. of course, the big question going into an obama second term is whether the palestinian peace process could get back on track. of course, this latest development, this escalation, pushes that hope further down the road. >> all right. certainly, we'll keep an eye on that throughout the morning. alex marquardt, again, live for us from jerusalem this morning. thanks, alex. and in other news right now. the suspect in the colorado movie theater massacre has reportedly injured himself in jail, prompting a judge to postpone his hearing. a sorse says james holmes was hospitalized after intentionally ramming his head into a wall in his cell. holmes is accused of killing 12 people and injuring 58. a former city comptroller has pleaded guilty to embezzling more than $50 million. rita crundwell raided the money of dixon, illinois, for decades,
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funneling the money into a secret account to pay for her lavish lifestyle and her horse breeding business, as well. crundwell faces up to 20 years in prison. so far, the sale of her assets has brought in about $7 million. but of course, that is just a drop in the bucket. >> a small drop. it is time, now, for the weather across the nation. a chilly morning along much of the east coast, with showers and thunderstorms from the carolinas through florida. snow flurries in the dakotas, around fargo and bismarck. foggy in california, from los angeles to san francisco. >> mostly 50s in the pacific northwest, central rockies and great plains. just 30 in fargo. 40s from the midwest into the northeast. 81 in miami. >> we can only dream. when we come back, bp gets ready to big deep and pay up for that gulf oil spill. a big announcement is expected today. then, this morning, fears about 5-hour energy. the megashot of caffeine could be linked to more than a dozen deaths. and he shoots, he doesn't score. and doesn't score again.
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and still doesn't score. the player who looks like he needs a gps to find the hoop. the wrong one, at that. ñc?xús1@?
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welcome back, everybody. well, oil giant bp is expected to plead guilty, today, for its role in the massive 2010 oil spill off the gulf coast. justice department sources tell reuters that bp would admit criminal misconduct and pay what could be the largest penalty in u.s. history, probably in the billions of dollars. in exchange, the company would be exempt from future prosecution.
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and there are big safety questions this morning about those little shots of 5-hour energy. the fda is looking into reports that the supercaffeinated drinks could be linked to 13 deaths over the past 4 years. and there are 90 reports of a possible connection to health problems, including heart attacks and convulsions. the drinksmaker says it takes the report seriously but doesn't know of any deaths proven to be caused by 5-hour energy. and it could be the end of the line for twinkies, starting today. hostess brand has been giving striking workers until this afternoon to get back to work or they're going to try to liquidate the entire business in bankruptcy court, which could spell the end, not only of twinkies but wonder bread, ding-dongs and 18,000 jobs. >> we should make a food run after work this morning. well, there is some good news for the upcoming college class of 2013 and their parents.
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hiring is expected to be up about 5% next year for new college grads with a four-year degree. and up 30% for those with a two-year associates degree. employers say business-related majors will be most in demand. and something to toast. a new job with to bring to thanksgiving dinner. the 2012 beaujolais nouveau has arrived. as tradition has it, the fruity wine is released the third thursday in november. and wine lovers in france pulled the first corks at midnight. cheers. >> they're probably still going. when we come back this morning, mitt romney 2.0. the excandidate with some lightning rod comments, yet again, about how president obama really won the election. and you snooze, you lose. new reasons why hitting that snooze button spells trouble. all over my body. pn it just wouldn't go away.
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our family-owned company makes daisy... with 100% natural farm-fresh cream. no artificial ingredients. no preservatives. and no added hormones. ♪ daisy, do-do a dollop a small plane was forced to make an emergency landing on a california highway. the pilot was testing out a new engine near sacramento when it started sputtering 3,500 feet in the air. he managed to bring the aircraft down safely on a grassy median. once the plane was fixed, the pilot used the highway as a runway, taking off from the same spot he went down. now, for a look at morning road conditions. a wet commute from the carolinas southward. flurries make for a slick ride
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around fargo and bismarck. and drivers in california could be hampered by morning fog from l.a. all the way north to san francisco. >> and it looks like a great day to fly from coast-to-coast. but thunderstorms could cause airport delays in charlotte. right there. other than that, happy flying today. it may be the final double-down of the 2012 election. mitt romney making his first comments about why he lost to president obama. >> speaking with top donors, romney echoed his controversial 47% remarks, suggesting president obama bought key voter support. here's abc's david muir. >> reporter: mitt romney leaving the hotel after the election, next to the convention center, where he hoped to deliver the one speech he had written, his victory speech. but now, in the weeks since the election, abc news has learned mitt romney has been explaining his loss to his closest advisers and top donors. and it started at a breakfast the very next morning. perhaps his most eye-opening
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explanations yet, during a conference call with a large number of donors. romney argued president obama won in part because of gifts the obama administration has given to particular groups of this country. >> what the president's campaign did was focus on certain members of his base coalition. give them extraordinary financial gifts from the government. and then work very aggressively to turn them out to vote. >> reporter: among those groups the gifts went to, romney discusses the african-american community, young people and the hispanic community. here, offering one of the gifts to them. >> what the president did is he gave them two things. one, he gave them a big gift on immigration, with the d.r.e.a.m. act and amnesty program. >> reporter: sources saying, this was romney's argument since the moment he lost. telling his closest circle the very next morning that america is becoming an entitled society. that some americans are asking government to solve problems for things they can't afford.
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>> the giving away free stuff is a hard thing to compete with. >> reporter: david muir, abc news, new york. lawmakers demanding answers in the deadly meningitis outbreak didn't get far during yesterday's hearing. the owner of the suspect pharmacy took the fifth and refused to answer questions. and the head of the fda says the responsibility for oversight in this case rests with the state of massachusetts. so far, 32 people have died after they got tainted steroids linked to that pharmacy. researchers have identified a mutated gene that triples a person's risk for alzheimer's disease. the gene variant found in less than 1% of us, appears to keep the immune system from controlling damaging plaque buildup in the brain. the findings give scientists a fresh target for research into possible treatment. while it sure feels great to hit that snooze button, doctors warn that the extra sleep you're getting isn't all that great. first, they say it means you're not getting enough shut-eye. and the quality of interrupted sleep is poor.
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their advice, set your alarm for 15 minutes later and get up when it goes off. thank you for the obvious advice there. >> oh, man. that's bad news. i'll be dead by the weekend. time, now, for some sports news this morning, starting with an east coast/west coast match-up on the hard wood. here's espn news. >> randy scott here with your "sportscenter" update. miami heat had not beaten the clippers in los angeles since 2008. lebron james wasn't on the team then. blake griffin wasn't even in the nba. dwyane wade testing out his sprained foot last night. looked good here. throwing down the heat dunk. tied at 33-33, second quarter. and blake griffin, getting his lob on, to deandre jordan. so mayor of lob city. clippers up two. later in the second, clippers down one after a heat turnover. look at griffin wave off chris paul. dude, i've got this. feeding jordan again. the clippers have a lead. third quarter. it's griffin, calling his own
4:19 am
number. 19 inside. the post game was strong with that one. clippers up three. fourth quarter, it's an 11-point game. and the bench is starting to contribute for los angeles. eric bledsoe following his miss. clippers up 13. it's now a 17-point game in the fourth. jamal crawford. he may come off the bench. but he gets starters' production. 22 points. as los angeles gets a seven-point win. to the college guys. what a night for a specific member of the florida gators, hosting wisconsin. it's erik murphy inside. yes. where a hook shot goes. six-point game. later, knocking down one of his two three-pointers. he also got his job done inside. a miss here in the second half, but florida was up a 14-point lead. they would win 74-56. a perfect ten for ten from the field was murphy. i'm randy scott. this has been your "sportscenter" update. take care and have a great day. >> thank you. when it comes to team sports, maybe some players
4:20 am
should just stay on the bench. >> yeah. perfect example right here. this basketball in belgium, one player took a foul shot and missed. okay. was rebounded by a very confused defender who then tried putting the ball into his own basket, shot after shot, all alone under that hoop. and he still couldn't score. his dumbfounded teammates finally jumped in and pointed the young lad in the right direction. >> yeah. so, not only do you see shooting in the wrong rim. he can't even make a shot. >> not exactly michael jordan. >> with nobody defending him. up next, "the pulse." and the nba players hamming it up big-time, for the refs. and don't try to run a mile in her shoes. why this teenager ran across the country, literally, barefoot. wanna see me get some great deals?
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it is time to check "the pulse," stories you're going to be talking about on this thursday, starting with the nba, blowing the whistle on bad acting. threatening to fine players for flopping. >> that's it. >> that's bad acting. >> that is the fine art of taking a dive, hoping to trick the refs into calling a foul. well, the league crackdown began this season, with the first warnings already being issued to two players. fines for repeat offenders could reach 30,000 bucks. and to shame the players, flopping videos are also posted on the league's website. i like that. i like that. >> a little public humiliation. >> it's basketball, not the oscars. come on. women know it. men check them out walking down the street. but you know who else is checking out the ladies? other women. >> that's right. a new study finds women spend more time checking out other women than looking at the guys because they want to see how other women are put together.
4:24 am
>> sizing each other up. topping the list of what we are checking out, other women's tans, hair styles, number one, their clothes. >> women and their clothes. >> don't get me started. >> i won't. an iowa teenager is taking a well-deserved rest after running from boston to southern california mostly barefoot. rae heim shed her shoes after breaking a toe. she never put her shoes back on. >> the 18-year-old ran to raise money for soles4 souls. the cross country adventure took about seven months. but rai surpassed her goal of raising $10,000 and a lot of shoes, as well. >> kudos to you. for some of you, your local news is coming up next. >> we'll be right back. full of great new items for a boost of happiness, tips for staying healthy
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next, following several developing stories. antioch police discover a man shot to death in an apartment. >> in san francisco bike and cars corrected several injured after a police chase that began on the bay bridge and ended on city streets. >> meteorologist mike nicco is tracking the rain coming our way. will arrive today or more a thing a chilly morning in the east. with showers and thunderstorms from raleigh all the way down to miami. and finally from us this morning. disney characters like you've never seen them before. >> they are front and center for a holiday tradition at one of new york's most fashionable is stores. call it mini's madison avenue makeover. going from this to this.
4:28 am
glammed up, supermodel style, for the holidays. disney's most famous faces, mickey, goofy, snow white, like you've never seen them before. the mind-blowing makeover is just for the holidays, in the windows for barney's, the store known for its edgy and outside-the box displays. this year, the windows show a brief film. miniimagining herself at the fashion shows in paris. and with a little pixie dust, she is transported to the runway. even style mavin sarah jessica parker gets the treatment. >> you have beautiful ears. >> reporter: she was there with our boss, disney ceo bob iger. weighing in on the controversial skinny minie. >> fashion has the same
4:29 am
aspirational quality. >> reporter: iger hosted the event, saying it's a way to keep the iconic characters on the cutting edge of style. >> we're presenting the marriage between disney characters and high fashion. it proves that a great character is timeless and always in style. >> reporter: and it's for a good cause, as 25% of the proceeds of the disney barney's holiday fashion line will go to the red cross to help victims of hurricane sandy. and fear not disney devotees. as with all fairly tales, this story also has a happy ending. oh. >> and you have beautiful ears, as well, paula. >> better to hear you with, my dear. >> disney, the parent company of abc news, if you couldn't tell. >> disney, the parent company of abc news, if you couldn't tell. that's what's making n captioned by closed captioning services, inc.

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